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About Us

CORMANI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) High Performance Computing (HPC) company that takes compute performance to extraordinary levels, while greatly reducing power and latency. This is achieved by efficiently using homogeneous cores of multi-core processors in a highly concurrent, parallel manner.

This breakthrough and patented technology in multi-core computing vastly increases the compute performance of products and their ROI in a variety of markets, with the company’s initial focus being Big Data.

Founded by three Silicon Valley veterans in chip and reconfigurable computing technology, Gordon Campbell, Dr. Fred Furtek and Paul Master, the development of this HPC breakthrough technology has evolved over the last decade to solve the greatest challenge of multiple and multi-core chips, which is true parallel processing.

Until now, parallel processing for higher efficiency and utilization of hardware and software, has been an elusive goal. CORNAMI has solved the problem delivering the ability to fully utilize the idle or dark processors that exist in conventional off-the-shelf processors and systems. This game-changing, software-defined technology brings all the benefits of high-performance computing with lower power, footprint, and latency.

The Company’s headquarters is in Silicon Valley, with offices in Sacramento and Boston.