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Take High Performance Computing to the Next Level

TruStream Concurrency

CORNAMI’s TruStream implements a highly efficient and extensible model of concurrent programming. TruStream supports a direct concurrency abstraction, allowing applications to seamlessly scale using a fabric of cores ranging from intra-CPU to WAN-linked datacenters.  TruStream supports concurrency simply and deterministically (no locks) increasing performance, with no performance falloff, as more cores are utilized.  Whether it be purely with software or with hardware augmentation, TruStream increases performance, reduces power consumption and latency, and introduces additional forms of application concurrency previously unavailable.

TruStream Compute Fabric TSCF  & DCIC Data Center on CHIP

CORNAMI’S unique technology can take a topology with interconnections and actions and efficiently accelerate it utilizing its “TruStream Compute Fabric” (TSCF) on its ultra-high core density, ultra-high memory bandwidth data center chip (DCIC).

CORNAMI’s intelligent architecture can scale software to an almost endless “sea of cores” operating concurrently with high speed inter-connects and programmability without the overhead of inefficient communication between today’s multi-core computing systems.  This innovative approach increases performance an order of magnitude and more due to efficient utilization, which reduces latency and power significantly.

CORNAMI will reset the current approach to data center footprints based on compute performance to power, reduced latency and overall cost by accelerating today’s massive datasets through an entirely new architecture that can scale almost infinitely across cores, systems, cloud and clusters.   All while reducing latency and power – slashing operational costs by as much as 90%.

Additionally, CORNAMI’s chip architecture is programmable and “source compatible” unlike fixed function silicon in today’s GPU and ASICs, providing reduced obsolescence of hardware with built in flexibility to scale with company’s needs and requirements.

  • Patented TruStream parallelism technology built into each core for near linear scaling in performance
  • TruStream programming SDK model to utilize all cores efficiently from a higher level language such as C/C++
  • Programmable delivering future-proof products
  • Same chip can be used in any applications such as Big Data, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, High Frequency Trading, Genomics, etc.
  • Different from typical FPGA single-function implementations or limited GPU accelerated routines
  • Ideal for Scale-UP and Scale-Out applications

Spectacular savings in data center construction and operations costs compared to today’s traditional IT Infrastructure

  • Powerful –Process and analyze data to drive competitive advantage
  • Efficient – Compute and data to improve operational efficiency
  • Simple – easy to deploy and operate
  • Compatible – leverage your existing investments for rapid adoption and low TCO
  • Economical – up to 90% more cost effective than traditional solutions